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Getting started

Filomena’s Restaurant in Washington, DC, where you can get great Italian food and learn about Italian culture. Filomena’s restaurant is right in the middle of the nation’s capital, and for more than 30 years, it has been serving real Italian food. Both locals and tourists love Filomena Ristorante because of its cozy setting, friendly service, and tasty food. In this article, we’ll take you on a trip through the world of food by looking at Filomena Ristorante long past, delicious menu, and unique dining experience. So buckle up and get ready for a trip through food like no other.

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A Delectable Dining Experience

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At Filomena’s Restaurant in Washington, DC, you can get a delicious meal that takes you right to the heart of Italy. When you walk in, the warm and friendly atmosphere makes you feel like you’re in a traditional Italian trattoria. The dim lighting, old photos, and rustic Italian furniture make the room cozy and perfect for any event. Filomena’s Restaurant is a great place for a party with friends and family or a lovely dinner for two. It has a great environment that will make your meal even better.

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Filomena's Restaurant

Italian food that really is Italian

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Filomena’s Restaurant is happy that the food on the menu is real Italian food that shows off the tastes and traditions of the different parts of Italy. Every dish is made with care and love, from traditional pasta dishes like Spaghetti Carbonara and Lasagna al Forno to delicious fish dishes like Branzino alla Griglia and Gamberoni Piccanti. At Filomena’s Restaurant, the skilled cooks only use the best and most fresh ingredients. This makes sure that every bite tastes like it came from Italy.

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Pasta until it’s full

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You can’t talk about Filomena Ristorante without mentioning the pasta. The fact that the diner makes fresh pasta shows how much they care about good food. Every day, skilled pasta makers knead, roll, and cut dough to make pasta in many different shapes and sizes. There is a pasta meal at Filomena’s Restaurant for everyone, whether you like thin Tagliolini or soft Gnocchi di Potatoes.

Desserts You’ll Love

You can’t finish your meal at Filomena Ristorante without getting one of their tasty desserts. Every dessert, from the rich and smooth Tiramisu to the creamy and delicious Cannoli Siciliani, is a work of art. The pastry makers at Filomena’s Restaurant are very good at adding new twists to traditional Italian recipes to make beautiful and tasty desserts. Make sure you have room for dessert, and prepare to go to dessert heaven with every sweet bite.

What led to the opening of Filomena’s Restaurant

Filomena’s Restaurant was started because of family traditions and a love of real Italian food. The restaurant was opened in 1983 by JoAnna and Maria Filomena, who were both born in Italy. They wanted to give the busy city of Washington, DC a taste of their home country. What started out as a small family-run restaurant is now one of the most popular Italian places in the nation’s capital.

Filomena Restaurant

An Exciting Past

Because they love what they do, the Filomena family has always worked hard at Filomena’s Restaurant. From the beginning, the sisters put their hearts and souls into every dish, making the restaurant’s DNA full of their love for food and kindness. Filomena’s Restaurant has stayed true to its roots over the years by keeping the original tastes and cooking methods. That method passed down from generation to generation. Today, JoAnna and Maria’s children carry on the family practice and make sure that Filomena’s Restaurant stays a shining example of Italian food.

A milestone in food

Filomena’s Restaurant is more than just a good place to eat; it has become a culinary landmark in Washington, DC. Since it opened, a wide range of people, including leaders, celebrities, and locals, have come to the restaurant to enjoy its classic style and great food. If you want to eat real Italian food, go to Filomena’s Restaurant for a business lunch, a lovely dinner, or a special event.

Awards and Recognition

People have noticed how hard Filomena Ristorante tries to be the best. Several awards and good reviews got from both local and national media. Filomena’s Restaurant is one of the best places to eat in Washington, DC because of its great service, delicious food, and friendly setting. The restaurant’s good image keeps growing, thanks to things like being on “Best of DC” lists and getting great reviews from well-known food reviewers.

What should I wear to Washington, DC’s Filomena’s Restaurant?

You should wear something nice but not too fancy to Filomena Ristorante. Even though there isn’t a strict dress code, people can wear a dress well to match the classy atmosphere of the place. Women should wear a collared shirt with dress pants or a dress, skirt, or dress pants with a top.

Does Filomena’s Restaurant offer food for vegans and vegetarians?

Yes, there are many vegetarian and vegan options at Filomena’s Restaurant to meet the needs of different diets. There are a lot of foods that vegetarians and vegans can eat. There are vegetable-filled pasta recipes, hearty salads, and tasty sides made with vegetables.

Can I make an appointment by phone at Filomena’s?

At Filomena Ristorante, you can place an order. To make sure there is a table for you when you come, it is best to make a reservation, especially during busy times or if you are coming with a large group. To place an order, you can call the restaurant’s appointment line or go to its website.

Does Filomena’s Restaurant have a place where people can have private dinners or events?

Yes, Filomena’s Restaurant has private dining and event space for special occasions. Whether you’re planning a work meeting, a wedding dinner, or a family get-together, the restaurant can meet your needs. The private dining rooms are quiet and private, and the event space is big enough for bigger groups.

Can I bring my own wine to Filomena Ristorante?

At Filomena’s Restaurant, the wine list is long and has a wide variety of Italian and other wines. But you can pay a fee to bring in a special bottle of wine that you’d like to drink with your food. You should ask about the corkage rules when you make your ticket.

Can Filomena’s Restaurant bring food to you?

Yes, Filomena’s Restaurant can serve parties both big and small. The restaurant can make a meal that fits your needs, whether you’re having a work lunch, a birthday party, or a wedding. The experienced dining team will make sure your event is one to remember with delicious food and great service.


Filomena’s Restaurant in Washington, DC, is more than just a place to eat. It has been around for a long time and is known for its food. Filomena’s Restaurant continues to attract guests from near and far with its real Italian food, friendly service, and old-fashioned charm. Filomena’s Restaurant is the place to go if you live nearby and want a taste of Italy or if you’re just coming and want to try the best Italian food. Have a good meal!

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